Stockholm by night

4 01 2013

I like Stockholm. There is something special about the city. It is so calm and there is so much happening. I think the water makes it very still, very peaceful. The reflections in the water make me wanna reflect on what’s going on in my mind. The paths around make me wanna take a walk and just wander and let my thoughts wander. And the sound of Stockholm brings me back. The city demonstrates itself in its noises and voices. Cars, trains, buses, planes on the move all the time across the stillness.

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Stockholm bathing in sunhine

8 05 2011

Presence and absence of light

Windows and mirrors

Windows and mirrors

A man with yellow socks and a dog

Life and colours

Blossoms and shadows

A saturday afternoon in pictures

17 04 2011

After coming from Örebro back to Stockholm around lunch, the weather did not allow us anything else than just go out and expose ourselves to sun and our sights to some new parts of Stockholm.

We ended up in Hammarby sjöstad which is the most environmental quarter of Stockholm. I loved it there. Modern architecture directly at the see and perfect weather conditions do not give one another chance than just enjoy =) So I did!

Where nature meets the shores of the city

An afternoon in Stockholm


(White) Swan

Id guess it is very nice to live here

Five windows reflection