Stockholm by night

4 01 2013

I like Stockholm. There is something special about the city. It is so calm and there is so much happening. I think the water makes it very still, very peaceful. The reflections in the water make me wanna reflect on what’s going on in my mind. The paths around make me wanna take a walk and just wander and let my thoughts wander. And the sound of Stockholm brings me back. The city demonstrates itself in its noises and voices. Cars, trains, buses, planes on the move all the time across the stillness.

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That’s how it works

10 05 2011

Solar energy

Solar energy cont.

Stockholm bathing in sunhine

8 05 2011

Presence and absence of light

Windows and mirrors

Windows and mirrors

A man with yellow socks and a dog

Life and colours

Blossoms and shadows


3 05 2011

I was in Slovakia for 2 days and took some pictures of THE green that is all around there. It was wonderful and it made me so happy just to see the colour around. Sweden is still a bit grey with some green coming and freshen’ up with white and light pink blossoms. It is beautiful in Stockholm so I have not realized how much I missed that real saturated green. Well when I once saw it I took some pictures..






Black and white

17 04 2011


Rectangels and their shadows


Distance and proximity

A saturday afternoon in pictures

17 04 2011

After coming from Örebro back to Stockholm around lunch, the weather did not allow us anything else than just go out and expose ourselves to sun and our sights to some new parts of Stockholm.

We ended up in Hammarby sjöstad which is the most environmental quarter of Stockholm. I loved it there. Modern architecture directly at the see and perfect weather conditions do not give one another chance than just enjoy =) So I did!

Where nature meets the shores of the city

An afternoon in Stockholm


(White) Swan

Id guess it is very nice to live here

Five windows reflection

After several lessons (photocourse 2)

3 04 2011

Oki doki…some time has passed since “Between the lessons” and I have actually started a new photo course (with the same teacher). The group is totally new. Compared to the previous group where people just wanted to learn a bit more about their cameras and discuss photography in general, this group is technically charged =) Most of the people there started with photography because they were amazed by the cameras as such. And one can see on their pics that the technical side of photography is on their side and pretty much under control.

My case is different. I shoot cause of the beauty or/and the message a photography can provide. And that was the original idea when I got interested in taking pictures. The interest into the technical part is of course growing (fast) so I can one day really take pictures that I see/create in my mind and not only the pics I “manage” to take.

How is it going for me? Sometimes good and sometimes not. But am learning all the time for sure.

What I like about the lessons is, that I am in totally different world during and after them. I think about beauty, estethic, taste, styles and meaning of photography. I am inspired to create and to learn more.

We have had 4 lessons so far and now the teacher has a new method. For each lesson we take a picture of something that we have not learnt about yet and something we had talked about on the previuos lesson, so we can see how we grow (or not) in the course of one week. So far we talked about Still life photography, landscape and portrait

Still life_book

Still life_shoes

Still life_bamboo

These were the pictures I took first and then after the lesson about Still life I took this one and got to work with external flash for the first time in my life. This picture also took some time. First I was walking around for some days to come up with something that might be interesting and realistic for me to do. I wanted to have some action in the picture (despite it was still life) and inspired by my classmate who used smoke, I thought that some floating feathers would match the teddy. As Easter is coming, it was easy to find aritificial feathers in a “hobby” shop. It took me at least half an hour to “set the studio” in our kitchen and then the shooting started. First I tried on my own, but then Maik came and helped me to drop the feathers so I could focus on the trigger instead. The feathers of course had their own “mind” and fell the way they wanted, so it was a pretty long process to get this picture. I enjoyed so much that I could do this everyday.

Still life_teddy

Between the lessons

2 03 2011

I did not have a photocourse lesson this week but that should not prevent me from taking pictures and writing about photography.


I love the colour of the walls in the hotel I live at these days. It has perfect walls for photoshooting. It is just a pity that the perfect walls are hidden behind various pieces of furnitures. But I found a spot and used the limited space with limited equipment (no tripod).

Green background

Green background

Green background

Some photoshooting

19 02 2011


We went out into the cold today to take some pictures of Maik with some signs of Sweden on it. We needed the picture for the German press. As I wrote once on Facebook – photography hurts. Holding a cold camera in -12 does not work that well for a long time. I guess we were inside after 20 minutes with me first not feeling my fingers at all and then feeling them too much. The pain flashed from fingers to elbows. After I got warmer, we went out again as the first pictures were no good.

The second round went better and here comsome someexamples:



After the second lesson

5 02 2011

As I mentioned, I already had three photo lesson, which means that I have done at least 2 homeworks. The second lesson’s topic was composition. We talked about lines and placement and rules and breaking rules and then we got a taks to chosse a motive and then take a picture.

I considered it a really difficult task for several reasons. The first one is pure practical problem, that it is dark here when I come home from work and that limitates my options. Second problem is, and that was much bigger problem for me, that I could not separate the two – motive & picture. As soon as I just started thinking about a motive, images were popping up in my mind I was immediately adjusting the motive. So it was a process of two parallel and intervowen thinking lines and as I did not want to “cheat” in my homework I had to work hard to “clear” my mind, just come up with a motive and then to start thinking how to picture it.

In the end I came up with “A simple choice” motive and took several pictures that were supposed to carry that message. Here they come.

A simple choice

A simple choice

A simple choice

A simple choice

A simple choice

We go through pictures of each participant in the beginning of every new lesson and get feedback. My teacher picked the first picture (apple and merci) to be discussed. Some people understood the message I wanted to communicate and some not. One participant called the picture: “anxious decision making” =) It did not make me happy than but today I smile. It is really good to see my pictures through someone else’s eyes to be able to pick up the flaws. I am aware of the fact that it is not easy/possible to please all, but I at least have an option to be aware of other possible interpretations and make a conscious choice whether I want to offer space for that interpretation or not.

The next homework is to work with perspective and depth (which I partially did in this homework already). So I better go…=)