People call me different: Danticko, Plufko, Turiatko, Kamarat, Dante – Elefante, Milacik, Bumbo, Trulko, He is so cute, Vilken söt hund etc.

Not all of the names are the nicest ones if they are taken out of the concept but I know that they are full of love when they are addressed to me.

I belong to Kiksun. And to Maik. Or maybe Maik belongs to me cause he came after me =) Haf =) I have been with Kiksun for almost six years now. First we lived in Slovakia and then we moved to Sweden. To be honest I do not care about the name of the country. So far I can be in peace and have Kiksun around, everything is fine. Btw I also call Kiksun many different names: Haf, Haff haff, Buff, Wow woow. I do not think she really understands that but she is on a good way.

I like catching “kosticka” (a toy) and then fighting for it. I bark at old guys who stink alcohol and I am incredibly happy when we get a visit. Swimming and being dipped in a cold water after a long summer walk are activities ranking on the top of my favourites.

I am here for Kiksun to show her another world. To take break, to walk through the nature, to realize how simple life actually is and to experience pure joy.


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5 07 2008

I like your mission. And I love that I am part of it kamarat. And it is not accomplished yet, your mission!

20 07 2008
The things dog say. « Some kind of view

[…] The things dog say. Dante has gotten his own blog. […]

21 07 2008

That was so sweet:) It made me smile much:) So nice to read about Dante here. The part that Dante got Mike since he came after was amazing:) Are you going to take him with you to the congress, Kiksun? Good luck with the blogg Dante:)

22 07 2008

Huff Huff Dante;)

Huff wuff, woow wuf woof ;)Huff Vuff!

HuFf Hugg,


31 10 2008

And what about other nicknames: Aslan, Baaaaabikaaaaaa, Babo, Malinky…? Well done, Danticko. It was high time for you to start a blog of your own. I am sure we all are very curious about the exciting life of a doggie traveller and life lover. Also readers might be interested that you love when humans are barking at you. They are sooooo funny when they try so hard to imitate the simple dog language. Bow-wow…. They always get it wrong. But I am sure Dante appreciates their effort 🙂 And I want to see many picture of you, Aslan!

23 12 2008

Ahoj Kamarat =))
I hope you are doing fine – and I am actually pretty sure about that. I think you are the greatest dog and I am very much looking forward to going out with you soon again =))

Maiku ides naspet – to je pravda.

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