Stockholm by night

4 01 2013

I like Stockholm. There is something special about the city. It is so calm and there is so much happening. I think the water makes it very still, very peaceful. The reflections in the water make me wanna reflect on what’s going on in my mind. The paths around make me wanna take a walk and just wander and let my thoughts wander. And the sound of Stockholm brings me back. The city demonstrates itself in its noises and voices. Cars, trains, buses, planes on the move all the time across the stillness.

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Stockholm in october 2012

29 10 2012

I have spent this day taking pictures which has also led me to cleaning my memory card and sorting out some older pics. I realized that I have collected some nice pics of Stockholm during October month so here are some:

Photography homework – desktop picture

22 10 2012

I am sitting here just done with my photo homework, which was to take a desktop picture. I started with lots of enthusiasm which was quickly replaced by frustration over not getting the picture from my mind into my camera. After trying different angles, lightning and backgrounds I dropped the idea and looked around for new motives. As soon as I turned around, new photo opportunities opened and I took pics of flowers, shadows, honey, night sky… Here are the pictures I took while listing to this beautiful music of Ludovico Einaudi:

Back to photography

7 10 2012

Today is the second day of my photo course and I have just finished my homework, which was to take a portrait or self-portrait picture. When I came home yesterday it was already dark so I decided to wait for the day light and take some pics this morning instead. And as the only person around this morning is me, I had to take a picture of myself. And a result:

Something for our stereotypes

2 10 2011

a normal sunday afternoon…

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Urban spaces STHL

2 10 2011

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Our costs paid by the ocean

27 08 2011

You know, I am getting more and more interested in photography. Trying to understand why it is so, trying to understand what exactly makes me so interested in it, I have decided to learn about it. Recently I was recommended to watch presentations of National Geographic photographers. The first one I watched and got hooked on was Annie Griffiths Belt with her great view on life, catching rhetoric and marvelous marvelous pictures. I watched a stunning presentation of Sam Abell about his way of taking pictures, which is: among others “compose and wait” which means that he first composes the a picture in his mind, thinks through the details,positions himself and then just waits for the moment when all the essential elements come together into a perfect photograph. And I watched the presentation by Brian Skerry which I want to share.

Brian is an underwater photogrpaher. First started taking pictures of the beauty that exists in the oceans. He took celebratory pictures of the esthetics of the nature. Doing that, he naturally came across all the possible environmental problems and started documenting them to raise awareness. I love his work because he manages to show the problem and still helps us to remember the amazing, when still intact, world under the water.

A harp seal

He tells the story about harp seals and the dangers they face. One of them is of course human kind’s direct interference in the blind greed for pelt when only few days old puppies are hunted and killed just because of their soft fur. Harp seal hunt is the biggest mass slaughter of marine mammals on the planet. Even worse as Brian explains is global warming. The new born harp seals can not exist in the water yet cause they can not breath there but many of them end up in the water as the ice that is supposed to hold them breaks up melting. Here on the picture, harp seal mom has to push the little one out of the water back to the ice so it can breath. This one managed. but many don’t.

Helping the pup back to ice/air

And this is something for the sushi eaters. Global fish crisis. 90% of the big fish (tuna among them) has disappeared in the last 50 years. Bluefin tuna is frequently used for sushi. It is an animal that can not be compared to anything similar as there is nothing like that. If it was not fished up at early age, it could live 30 years and grow up to 1 ton weight. It’s growing the whole its life. It can swim across the oceans from equator to poles with no problems because it can generate heat. And this fish is faster than torpedo. It’s a diamond among fish that is to be extinguished pretty soon.

Blue fin tuna fish

Talking about sushi, another favorite one – shrimps. For a handfull of shrimps, 10 kg of other fish are just killed and wasted when they end up in the nets. Which they of course do. The nets (long lines) are huge and grabbing everything that’s in the way.

The cost of a handful of shrimps

Besides that (and this from another source: Naturskyddföreningen), shrimps are often imported from Asia. To keep the “fresh” – eatable, they are injected with antibiothics and dipped in some chemical substances to look good. Besides that, to cultivate shrimps, mangrove trees are often cut out which destroys the natural environment. To see a short movie about in (in swedish), u can click here.

All the pictures in this blog are taken by Brian Skerry. I really recommend to go and see his website. Beautiful pictures with informative description. Enjoy! And love the nature =)

An evening sky in pictures

27 08 2011

Some days ago I was biking home over a bridge in Stockholm and I could follow the whole process of sky changing its colours during sunset. The clouds were many so there was lots of red colour around and it looked just beautiful. When I came home I ran to grab my camera to freeze that moment but I did not manage and it passed. Nevertheless since anyway already being outside I  decided to walk around and see whether there will be some “rests” of that beauty and there were. And then the new and new ones got created. It was like watching a very dramatic movie one the silver screen…

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My summer 2011

19 08 2011


As I can not do much about the pictures that are waiting in my camera for being edited and some technical problems are really in my way, I have some time to summarize my summer. It was amazing and it was rolling. One experience just replaced another and I hardly had time to understand all the beauty, amazement, insights, reminders and love I encountered.

I guess it all started rolling by Human Rigths Generation going to Poland. Human encounters are unpredictable and this one was unpredictably strong for me. To work for a European non-profit organisation means to work with long term goals, often hardly measurable results and tasks that we do not know the exact impact of. That is why coming to Poland and seeing almost everything going according to the plans was incredibly rewarding.

From Poland directly to the IOGT-NTO Congress in Åre – to the place where sun never sets (at least not around the time when we were there). Surrounded by miraculous nature and very inspiring people – what else could one wish?


Åre by night

Coming back from Åre meant to catch up with the emails and work in the office, clean everything and check out for 12 days of holidays. My wonderful parents have come for one month to help me out with Dante so me and Maik could go out and see the world =) Yessss New York was the destination and a separate blog with pictures will come no matter what.

Coming home from the Big Apple, overcome jetlag and yet again catch up with all the work that was put on hold for the 12 days was easier by having my parents around and having possibility to show them a bit of Stockholm. The highlight (besides the warm and stunning swedish summer at the sea) would be watching DN – galan (athletics) live and seeing sport wonders such as Jelena Isinbajeva or Ussain Bolt. Isinbajeva’s warm up kept me staring at her most of the evening. Besides few warm up jumps in the beginning of the competition, all she has done was putting on several layers of clothes and laying on the ground having her face covered for like an hour. Then, when most of the competitors were out of the competitions, she entered with two jumps (one fail and one successful) and went back to her hibernation for yet another 20 minutes. Then she jumped once and won the whole thing =)

Another stop on this ride was our road trip to Örebro to meet two friends who, if it was possible to choose a family, would definitely be part of it =)

And yes..time for Active camp in Latvia and meeting friends from all over the Europe, combining work with volleyball and just chitchatting. This week also brought me a totally new experience as I joined PJ, Sofia, Andrea, Aron and Vidar flying. An amazing amazing amazing feeling. For my part, I was not that excited about flying high or low. I loved the moment when I understood what to do to keep myself in the air. I felt it was all about trust. Trust into the whole system (huge blowing machine) and my body that it knows the best how to hold the balance. Worked pretty well =)

Learning to fly


While I was in NY and in Latvia, my father managed to walk around Stockholm and discover places I did not have clue about. One of those was the possibility to rent a kayak and go paddling. So we did go. Magic. In the middle of the nature and yet in the centre of the capital. So calm and so much happening around – trains, cars passing, people jogging, motor boats meetings us while we were just paddling and swinging lightly on the waves of the water and of our thoughts. Almost a transcendental experience. That I got the chance to repeat two more times since then (within one week).


Paddling with my father


Paddling accompanied by ducks


..with Maik

And rolling like that I have come to this weekend when I am learning a bit more about photography, especially street photography. So I got to reflect a lot upon what I want to work on this time: motivation or taste or vision or method? And what is actually my motivation to take pictures? Is the the process itself? Or a specific object? Or maybe the final pictures themselves. Or it’s the confirmation I feel when someone likes the pictures I take. There will be a separate blog about that and my reflections too. Tomorrow I go out to the field and shoot…

Street photography at its best

17 08 2011

While installing some programs to be able to edit my own pictures, I am checking some links related to street photography, I stumbled on Matt Stuart’s webpage and am left amazed.

That guy is perfect at timing and his observation is divine. Who would at all notice an exact overlap or a parallel in poses as on the following pics (all from the webpage:

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Click and see his web! It’s inspiring.