About my relation to handball

25 10 2009

I’m sitting in the bus on the way from a hanball match. We lost but we do not need to feel bad about our performance . From the time perspective it’s better to play matches at home. But it is also very nice to get some moments just for myself when sitting in the bus heading home from match we played in other town. It’s very calming to pass towns, to see how it’s getting darker and darker outiside, feel the eternity of nature, feel the atmosphere from the small lamps lit in windows. It’s a magic feeling to be moving through the world that seems like it has stopped for while. I’m thankful for this moment that I have just for myself. And I’m thankful for the game I can play. Handball gives me strength and doubts. It makes me often doubt about myself but it also forces me to go over the doubts, it brings moments when I feel pure joy just from the movement, just because I can. The game in its pure form takes me to another world where there are no bills to pay, deadlines to follow, conflicts to solve. I’m thankful that once many years ago I decided to join my friend at handball training and that my body cooperates and I still can,

Handball – what do I care about?

26 01 2009

We played a match on saturday and we lost 21:22. Our team has won several matches in row, we have an ambition to get to a higher division, we got new coaches last summer, we even have a coach that is specialised only on physical condition. Shortly said – there is lots of focus on handball and on making our team better. We are on the second place in the table, the competion has just turned into the second half so there are quite few matches to go and as I mentioned before – we have won many matches in row so it seems like we found our way to the higher division. And ALL OF A SUDDEN we lost. With one. Against a team that is on 8th place.

When my collegues asked how the handball went and I told them we had lost, they looked at me – feeling sorry for me. OK in general I do not like when someone feels pity for me and in this case it was really not neccessary because I DON`T CARE. I do not care whether we win or lose a match.

If I had stopped here, one could interprete my “I dont care” in different ways..but I continue writing.

I don´t care about victory according to the score we reach. I DO CARE about the way we play. Is it fun to play? Do we support each other? Do we put all our effort into the game? Did we enjoy the game? R we one team?

That´s what I care about. I think if we can asnwer YES to those questions above, we will easily make it to the higher division.