“D” as Dante “D” as Dignity

7 10 2008
Being washed
Being washed

Dante´s hair has been cut some days ago. And then he was washed as well. I can not say that he has enjoyed the whole procedure but he kept his dignity =) A lot to learn from him!

Happy birthday

15 09 2008

He was little and he stank when he entered my life. He was not supposed to be mine and was very unplanned. But he somehow stayed in my life and even followed me when my life changed. He came and showed me how everlasting can beauty be. I have been watching Dante for six years and I still catch myself amazed by that little wonder. I am thankful to have him. He is worth of all the early mornings when we have to walk him, of all the rainy days, of all the late nights. Coming home and have him running towards me makes me smile each and every time. He never gets on my nerves. He never makes me angry. He sometimes breaks my heart when I have to leave him for a longer time but both he and me are getting used to that knowing that the other one will come back. He spent nights with me studying, I spent hours with him playing. It´s been six years since he was born. And I want to celebrate this day. Six years ago a magic happened and a great wonder occured on this Planet. And I am honoured to take care of it. Happy birthday Danticko =)

Hurraaa =)

6 07 2008

“Good morninig! Here is the Regional animals hospital. I would like to tell you that we have here a small happy dog and you can come and pick him” Yes this was the sentence I woke up with this morning. I can go and pick Dante from the hospital. So in some minutes we gooooooooo =) I am so so happy. That little creature will be around again =)

Greets to all people who cared and also to those who did not =)

Appreciate what u have..one never knows what comes next

1 07 2008

My little dog does not feel good. He has pain in his back, does not wave his tale and does not run around. Just lays and sleeps. Looking at him I do not understand anything. He was playful, running and hunting, no problem was hannging in the air. And then all of a sudden, just some hours later, his mood went down, his step became weak. 

He is in cure and I hope he will get fine again. He is little. And he is so fragile… One – two tears are rolling down from time to time  and I just search for a sign that he feels better.


28 06 2008

To play/train handball and spent time with Dante are the best ways how to stop thinking about all the worries and concerns.

I am sitting at our sofa, having Dante next to me, sleeping. I feel peace. Amazing how much calmness can such a small creature bring into my life.


Dante´s day

20 05 2008

This was Dante´s day. I took him to a vet cause he has had problems with his paws. He was chewing them too much. So now he got checked, he has his claws cut, got vaccinations, a shoe, a spray and some antibiotics against eczema. So now I will follow all the vets advices and Dante will be totally well =)