Experience2010 – Week of my own challenges

10 08 2010

Am back from Norway and from several congresses of that week. I like thinking of that week as a week of challenges.

– Active Congress was for me the first Active Congress I was responsible for from the office’s side. The same goes for NORDGU congress as well.

– IOGT International Congress was the first Congress for me where I was as a board member “presenting” the 4 years that have passed and our plans for future

– The birthday party was a challenge too, which was actually called “Challenge”. We had no clue how the board programme would turn out, how many former board members would show up, how the scene arrangement would look like. Sometimes it felt like none of the planned things would happen but in the end we managed. My office collegues did great: Sanja moderating, Janika and Alari fixing the scene and equipment. They made me really happy! And of course the former board members who came in unxpectedly high number. It was amazing for me to see so many people who used to steer EGTYF/Active and helped us to bring the organization to the point where it is right now. I could feel huge appreciation and acknowledgement towards their work and I felt honoured to continue in their foot prints.

– The “Sober woman” performance was THE challenge for me. It was almost called off (by me). If it was not for Sanja who could not accept the fact that it would not happen and Janika who prepared the costumes and really enjoyed the process connected to sewing, I would not come up with the final version of it: pre-reading the lyrics and letting Alicia Keys sing the altered version.

– And the panel discussion. Not really knowing the audience and not having previous experience of moderating a debate – overcoming of the feeling of unfamiliarity with the situation was a real kick =)

The week was for sure fullfilling!

My heroes Sten and Sara

26 11 2009

I am so happy and so proud of these two guys who have spent some time on Faroe Islands and managed to create intereseting environment for youngster there. I have seen some pictures on Facebook. There were pictures of some teambuidling activities, of some people playing board games, of some individuals building towers from all the possible objects. I did not recognize most of the faces. I have never met many of them. And that is POSITIVE! I was on Faroe Islands several times with the aim to discuss with the local IOGT how to bring the youth organisation back to life. The first visit was like more than 2 years ago. Since then, we have had several volunteers there. Stina was there, then Kristiina, then Sara and then Sten joined Sara. All these people who have spent some time on Faroe Islands have made this working. The first 2,5 years were tough with some light moments. But slowly but surely, young people started popping up for regualarly offered activities. First just 2  or 3, then 5, then 15. =) I am so happy we did not give up, when we had so few in the beginning.

And now I see those pictures on Facebook, I think of Sten and Sara, who did MARVELOUS job there and I do not know how to express my happiness about what they have reached. There are no words to describe it.

From January, we will have three people working on Faroe Islands and extended activities. How great is that!