NOM congress

14 04 2008

The NOM congress went well. NOM has a new president, 15 new (!!!) members and planned beer buying campaign. It feels good. I was thinking to leave my president position in NOM already one year ago but even the congress was hard to organize. I think 7 people participated then and to be able to get 7 people to the congress we had to organize it in 2 days (some came one day, some the other and some both). This years congress looked very different. 25 people present =)

Where is the trick? Having something interesting to offer =) For us it was low cost for the Active summer camp in Bulgaria, the exchange programme during New Year, then 2 Active seminars this spring, school visits and congress with several workshops. And…several great people who contributed with organization and with just being themselves. Everything we do matters. Just friendly talk with a new member to make her/him feel comfortable, small joke or just a smile. Finding a room to meet in, organize the transport, come up with a good energizer. It felt like all the people contributed with what they are best at.

Now it is important to keep it working. And then..when it rolls once, NOM will just rock =)  

NOM kongres

7 04 2008

I am sitting at the computer 3 hours already since 22.00, chatting with Alsaska about our kongress this weekend. I am so much looking forward to that. We will be at least 20 and maybe even 25. That maybe sounds like a low number but for NOM it is a huge success (compared to previous 7 – 9). We will offer little bit of this and little bit of that: some workshops, some facts about alcohol in Europe and in Slovakia, congress itself (with planning, voting, reporting) and some cultural event (cinema). Feels like all those visits at schools, meetings with 3 people one day, 2 people another day etc finally pay off. But yes..let´s wait till the 12th and see. In every case I am enjoying the preparations with my co- (non-sleeper)-worker Saska =)

It seems it works =)

7 04 2008

Two teenagers have said no to alcohol at the family party. Parents were surprised and later very pleased and thankful. Thanks to Active. Those are the moments that give wings =)