Experience2010 – Week of my own challenges

10 08 2010

Am back from Norway and from several congresses of that week. I like thinking of that week as a week of challenges.

– Active Congress was for me the first Active Congress I was responsible for from the office’s side. The same goes for NORDGU congress as well.

– IOGT International Congress was the first Congress for me where I was as a board member “presenting” the 4 years that have passed and our plans for future

– The birthday party was a challenge too, which was actually called “Challenge”. We had no clue how the board programme would turn out, how many former board members would show up, how the scene arrangement would look like. Sometimes it felt like none of the planned things would happen but in the end we managed. My office collegues did great: Sanja moderating, Janika and Alari fixing the scene and equipment. They made me really happy! And of course the former board members who came in unxpectedly high number. It was amazing for me to see so many people who used to steer EGTYF/Active and helped us to bring the organization to the point where it is right now. I could feel huge appreciation and acknowledgement towards their work and I felt honoured to continue in their foot prints.

– The “Sober woman” performance was THE challenge for me. It was almost called off (by me). If it was not for Sanja who could not accept the fact that it would not happen and Janika who prepared the costumes and really enjoyed the process connected to sewing, I would not come up with the final version of it: pre-reading the lyrics and letting Alicia Keys sing the altered version.

– And the panel discussion. Not really knowing the audience and not having previous experience of moderating a debate – overcoming of the feeling of unfamiliarity with the situation was a real kick =)

The week was for sure fullfilling!

Following my values

7 09 2008

We had our IOGT Int. AC meeting today. The best one out of all the meetings we had so far. Great! We have had observers from Juniors and ADIC who contributed to the discussions, I also felt very good in the discussions, it seems like the board is settling down, that we are now more familiar with each other and with our roles.

We have discussed the Conference in Kuching that will be held in december 2008, the alcohol policy – what´s going on in WHO, Eurocare, GAPA. The world of alcohol policy is moving – slowly but safe. One has to be patient, careful and very alert. Connected to this board meeting, we also took part in a seminar focused on alcohol policy in Uganda, Kenya and Sri Lanka. We got to hear real stories about the “interventions” of Alcohol industry. I have to say, that I usually have hopes and I give second and third chances, but these guys have no chance. There is no way that the interest of public health sector and alcohol industry could meet at some point.

I also got to act upon my principles today and doing that my self – confidence has grown, I felt stronger about not fotgetting my values and seeing a bigger picture =)

I met another inspiring person. I understood that also things on a high level can be simple and directly to the point =) Thanks for that =)

Some thoughts after the IOGT Germany congress

4 05 2008

I am very happy that I´ve got to experience the congress of IOGT Germany. The last day of the congress was a ceremony of giving the grades to the members who applied for them. There they promise that they won´t drink and that they will work for higher values and contributing to society (briefly said). The ceremony took 2 hours. 500 people present. Around 130 got the grades. Each name was read separately. Each person got to shake the president´s hand and got some symbolic smth (have no clue what it was). I could see how proud those people were. They entered the room while the audience was singing. They were photographed, they were honoured and yes – their achievment was celebrated. The majority of these people used to have problems with alcohol addiction. Now they do not anymore. Yeah – that´s worth to celebrate.

Maybe a stupid comparision but I remember how great i felt when I got diploma during the graduation. That was also a celebration of a certain achievement.

Yes people need some achievements and to be appreciated for them. And it is nice that an organisation can provide both the space for an achievement and the appreciation in a certain form.

I am happy I got to see those faces. Now I understand the keeness of IOGT Germany to keep this kind of ceremony.

At the same time I am very happy that IOGT International took away all the words about Good Templars from the documents, constitution etc. We are not good templars anymore. We do not have the rituals, we have member organisations that have never had anything in common with templars. And that is what is nice about IOGT International. We are here for the organisations that want to improve the current situation regarding alcohol use, solidarity among people, peace and development. It does not matter whether a member organisation is a templar organisation or a youth organisation working with prevention – because there is a common aim and that is important. 

IOGT Germany

3 05 2008

I have been at IOGT Germany congress for some days now. It is a new world for me and I am very happy to be here and to see. To understand the organisation little bit better. To understand what is important for the members and also to see that people can really act and react unexpectadly. I have gotten to know some people little bit better and these contacts make me very happy.

I also had a speech. It was about importance of our actions by which we form the world. It was about importance of cooperation in working for the same aim. And it was about variety of our work where all the pillars are important. Rehabilitation, prevention, political work and international work. I held it in german that contributed to its success. Thank you Maik for the translation.  And yes..as I have already written, the people liked the speech. People I know and people I do not know at all came and congratulated or thanked me for what I said =) That made me happy. It feels great to deliver a message I consider important and to see that it has reached those it was meant for. So right now I am very happy =)

And soon I am going to the ball. So I have to dress up now =)