Two equations of the day

23 07 2012

My collegue has exposed this picture in the office and as I am familiar with his sense of humour and the way of his thinking, I was neither shocked nor terrified but the sentece made thinking a lot. “Don’t work hard, work intelligent”.

I have no problem with the second part of the sentence! One should work smart, of course! I say “Bravo!, to all those using brain when working. The first part of the sentence was more of a concern. “Don’t work hard”.  Yes, if you can do something easy way, do it that way! And do not make something hard on you just to work hard and feel satisfaction that you have done something. But that, those examples, they are not examples of “hard work” to me. They are more of an example of doing something too complicated even when it’s not. Or it’s just doing something without thinking about it.

Working hard, for me, means putting heart into the work. Being aware of what I do and why. Leaving my footprint (soulprint) in the work. Or as Oxford dictionary says: “Hard working = tending to work with energy and commitment; diligent”. And in that case, I do not understand why would someone encourage people not to work hard. And why does the author of the statememnt opose those two: hard and intelligent?

While discussing the message with my collegues, I made a new picture:

2 equations of the day

Hard work = heart ❤ work

Hard work is not complicated, long, overtime, dumb. No. It’s work with heart.

And while thinking about it and drawing it, I came to another equation that expresses what I feel when I hear people saying “but, but, but…” just oposing something without trying to find better ways/ solutions and more importantly also act upon them. Seeing problems but not to search for solutions, negating whatever is said without trying and putting more energy into “but” towards other’s ideas than into doing or coming up with a better idea, that is pretty much waste of energy.

Too much but = butt



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