Blog after a good day

18 07 2012

It happens to me pretty often that I feel for writing something – either here or in other channels available but then I don’t. One reason is simply time. Another reason is that I run my thoughts through internal censure and dismiss them mostly cause they do not sound that appealing after some rethinking. Today is different. I feel that I will just write even though I don’t have anything huge to share. Huge for others. For me, the current feeling is huge. For small reasons. Like a friendly encounter. Moment of creation for someone dear to me. A nice song (playing round and round). A walk with Dante in the middle of the night. Dancing while walking (yes to the same song). Finding words of wisdom.

The feeling of liking someone that pure and unconditional way, that the only expression of that feeling is to give freedom to the person by not expecting anything in return, wishing only the best not involving myself in it necessarily.

I finished a video for which I recorded material one month ago. I enjoyed every second of making the video. It’s amazing how many details are recorded and I was witness of without noticing them. This video is a present and I hope it will help to recall magic moments also many years later. It’s a video of a wedding. Making this video I realized what’s so special about weddings (I have never been very keen on having a wedding). It’s a wonderful celebration where only love is present and everyone celebrates it. Nothing else matters for some hours. The two people who decided to honor their relationship by inviting others and letting them witness the promise of endless care for that fragile feeling that when taken care of can grow stronger and greater far beyond the borders of the two individuals.

Ok I can share the song: 

I looove the melody and the dynamics of the song. It’s a great one to jump to (also in the middle of the night outside while walking Dante).

And here we go with the words of wisdom – a perfect summary for an approach to life that will make it good.

Basic rules for being human



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